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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Obama's "other" African daddy

It just never seems to go away. Every time you turn around, there's President Obama and swirling daddy issues.

There is a constant misinformation campaign about Barack Hussein Obama Sr. fueled by the right-wing faction of the GOP and the nut-wing factor of the country. So much so that more than half of Republican primary voters polled believe the president was born outside the United States -- despite a Hawaiian birth certificate and newspaper announcement, two books, the fact that Obama the younger didn't travel to Kenya until he was grown and countless stories on the topic before, during and after his run for president.

GOP contenders and wannabes like Mike Huckabee stoke the flames and placate them from time to time,  affirming their birther madness. It's been three years, but conspiracy theorists thrive on this mess.

Now there's new red meat to gnaw, thanks to Moammar "Man-with-too-many-ways-to-spell-his-name-so-pick-a-favorite" Gadhafi. Libya's brutal dictator should have a standard spelling for as long as he's been a fixture -- spectre, really -- on the world stage. Instead he has more variations than Baskin-Robbins. One exhaustive count lists 112. If ever there was a case for an AP stylebook ruling, this would be it.

But one thing that has been consistent all these years with him is insanity. His latest antics prove him certifiable. Even more so than when he pitched a tent on some of Donald Trump's suburban New York property.
In the midst of reports that he's slaughtering his own people in a desperate attempt to hold onto power that's under threat by inspired and insurgent young people yearning for freedom, Gadhafi pens a missive to Obama.

And not just any letter. Here's a plea, on the precipice of world retaliation for the pain and suffering he's inflicted on his people, where Libya's four-decades installed dictator calls Obama a "son."
Gadhafi's sends a "father's" unrequited love letter to President Obama

Obama must have jumped black when he got the news and had a "Negro, please" moment. You can just imagine the Saturday Night Live-ready scene now:

Aide:       Er, sir. Gadhafi sent you a letter and, um, called you son.
Obama:   He called me what?
Aide:       Um, he called you "excellency" and "son."
Obama:   Hot damn! Now I have to deal with this nut job and listen to
               "breaking news" on FOX that I'm the illegitimate son of a
               Kenyan Mau Mau and a Libyan terrorist!

Somebody in birther-ville must have been dancing a jig of joy over that bit of "vindication."

This president didn't take the bait. Shared continental blood or not, Gadhafi found out, much like those Somalian pirates who tested him early in his administration, African roots don't mean itchy if you're in the wrong.

Bomber jets from France and the United States began striking Libyan targets Saturday, opening the way for a no-fly zone. After weeks of wrangling within the international community, the United Nations reached an accord that the Arab League and other Western critics could support, approving such military actions.

As of Saturday night, Gadhafi was still writing letters. This time not only to Obama, but also to U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and British Prime Minister David Cameron. Now he's complaining about "barbaric" tactics by the U.N.

Crust, he has. Adopted "sons," not so much.


  1. Still waiting for you to castigate Donald Trump for asking what so many people want to know, why doesn't the Oman show us the real deal. Even OB's TV BBF Chris Matthews wants to see it. Obama disrespects the American people by not closing out the question with candor and transparency.

  2. Funny that a man whose birth has been documented by both an American hospital AND newspaper still has to "prove" something in order to BE an American. Failing to see the birther logic. Still.