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Sunday, August 14, 2011

T-Paw's toast, officially

We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog post about youthful voters to solidify observations posted here earlier, that Gov. Tim Pawlenty was looking desperate and would be unable to make the GOP cut if he sank in Iowa. His Titanic-type campaign sputtered and sank at the Iowa Straw poll on Saturday.

Or . . . the courage to sit it out when the inevitable arises
Team T-Paw knew it too, and they went all in for Ames. Scrambling for activists. Pouring money into media. After throwing everything he had at the wall and seeing nothing stick -- from weakly sniping at fellow Minnesotan Michele Bachmann to declaring that you should "stick a fork in Obama, he's done" -- he decided to hang it up after finishing third in the largely symbolic political shin dig in Corn Country.

The straw poll winner doesn't always dictate the Iowa caucus winner -- or the RNC presidential nominee, or even White House's new occupant. But in this economy, even big donors have been a little gun-shy with the checkbook. Pawlenty's inability to connect with voters -- despite his working-class roots -- failed to sway those looking for energy. Anyone taking on a sitting president would need high momentum.

MashedPotatoMan just didn't inspire the masses.

Bachmann, on the other hand, does. Kind of like a mob leader. The U.S. representative and tea party queen  placed first in the contest, shattering a glass -- or corn husk -- ceiling of sorts. That may be the scarier prospect of this year's straw poll.

Check this space shortly on the latest regarding youthful voters and the issues that will have them hopping mad -- and organized -- for 2012.

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