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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Unpeeling the power of Independents: Part I

NEW YORK, 10:05A – Just getting settled in at the 2011 National Conference of Independents. The  hundreds clustered in this NYU auditorium have convened from as far as California to as close as Brooklyn in order to answer a central question: “Can independents reform America?”

Jackie Salit, president of and a past manager of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s campaigns, is presiding. She opens in dissecting how a president elected by independents has been struggling to maintain his ideals, the same ideals that won folks over.

The room is diverse, young and old, urban and suburban. They are quiet listening to Salit’s address on the state of the presidency and the independent movement. Huge applause line when it is pointed out that President Obama spent scant time in looking at open primaries as a key reform. Stay tuned. Will be updating throughout the conference, both in blog posts and via Twitter updates.

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