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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Unpeeling the power of Independents: Part II

New York, 1:26P – The morning segment has wrapped and the crowd of attendees hustled into the Skirball Center for the Performing Arts auditorium’s foyer, hordes split between dashes to the restroom and stampedes for coats in order to face 35-degree weather in search for lunch.

Pamela Talbert Hamilton, an actress and Americorps VISTA member, is among the sea of people chatting about what she’s absorbing from the presentations.

She has vacillated between Democrat and independent voting during her adult life. As an independent, it can sometimes be tough having a good discussion with friends and family about politics without labels.

“It does take courage to say, ‘I want to go a new direction.’ It does,” said Hamilton, a 50-something Columbus, Ohio transplant who now makes Jamaica, Queens, her home. “It’s just that now, it’s all jacked up. Neither party is representing the interests of human beings in the fashion they should.

“Democracy is not about a party. It’s about human values," she said. "All this play on terminology. I’m a human being, and I want to see others grow and revel in their social greatness, however I can do that, damn a party." 

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