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Saturday, December 12, 2009

The after party!

OSLO, Dec. 11, 11:45P, local time

You have to love how people re-use buildings. Like this place. Once a congregation came for service here. Now, it's a gathering place for all sorts of sin! Or at least the fun kind that comes from spinning too many jams, serving too much alcohol, and keeping plates of smoked salmon and goat cheese flowing! Others might call it heaven, with cause!

Since I had absolutely NO energy to dance since that breakfast/lunch/dinner I had back at 4:45P has long wore off, the salmon was a welcome sight. It came a little bit after I had been teased -- teased, I tell you! -- by little cups of potato chips (not so filling, even for a potato-phile like myself) and the creamy gorgonzola and crisp crackers because they were topped with candied walnuts! The one food product I've encountered that sets my mouth on permanent itch mode. Wah!

On my knees, I found the chef, Tor Jørgen Kramprud Arnesen, and pleaded with him to send out some more snacks that would not kill me. I must have been an amusing sight, because within minutes, he saved my life. That alone deserved a hug. He's part of a trio of upscale chefs that serve all sorts of celebrity clientele with high energy foods and personalities to match. Bobby Flay is going to have to step back. These dudes are destined for TV! Watch out for the Culinary Flying Circus!

Re-energized, I found the dance floor. Stories filed, stress eased, mission accomplished. It was time to party. This basement locale has everything except a red light. I'm only posting the clean photos. I still have a reputation to maintain, after all.  Besides, what happens in Oslo. . ..

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