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Sunday, December 13, 2009

A rainy return, a happy browngirl


Home! Home! Home!

Where English is spoken. Where toilets flush on the first run, and not the second or third try. Where I am among an assortment of people of colors, shapes, sizes, hues, and hairstyles.


Loved being away. Of course, being cramped on a plane for 7.5 hours can try anyone, even those of us who are vertically challenged but horizontally gifted.

The flight was mostly cool, that I was conscious for. After a while, it was like being in the hospital. You're sleep, and then somebody wakes you for a drink. You're sleep. Then somebody wakes you for food. And the cycle begins anew.

The turbulence was off the charts at one point, but at least the pilot got on the PA and let you know beforehand.  Mark of a true professional. Calm my nerves before we hit the crazy cloud cover.

The whole time I was away, it was stupid cold in Philadelphia. I return to a rainy, near balmy 52-degree day. Guess that could make me a rainmaker, huh?

The gifts survived the baggage hold. Nothing scratched or damaged -- praise God! Ready to get home, get fed, get showered, and get to bed!

In a few more days, I'll truly be able to process the past week. For now, I need to get my ears back into commission and out of customs.

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