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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Demonstrations -- the freaks come out at night!

OSLO, Dec. 10, 7:15P local time

Now that the Obamas and their guests are safely tucked inside the annual Nobel Peace Prize banquet, out comes the real rabble-rousers for peace. Or so they say.

At least there wasn't an Obama-burning-in-effigy moment. So it wasn't quite tea bagger. Think more anti-WTO. About the same level of passion and grunge. The Ron-Paul-for-real-hope-and-change signs were classic!

There were "No Awards for Imperialist Wars" and "Bring Home the Troops" signs. A little drumming. But mostly, people shouted down nuclear war and proliferation. And they voiced, more loudly, a concern that continues to resonate: how do you award a peace prize to someone conducting a war?

The protesters were well on the other side of the park, and far away from the tight grip that is security for heads of states at functions such as this. No worries about the restless storming the troops. There may have some bits captured on NRK, state television.

But I'm sure as the Obamas and others ate, drank, danced and made merry, they heard little of those tramping down the street. Though later they may have smelled the remnants of the hand-held paper and wood torches.

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